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Jack Cafe Yokohamaへのショートトリップ Short trip to Jack Cafe at Yokohama






There are several cafes in Yokohama where you can easily get together with motorcycles, but I would definitely recommend Jack's Cafe around Osanbashi at Yokohama.

Since the Yokohama Hot Rod Show was cancelled this year, I didn't have a chance to go to Yokohama, but the other day my friends and I decided to meet up with some friends from far away and talk for the first time in a while.

In same street, there are two Jack's Cafes, one on a wide sidewalk and the other on a wide open terrace, where you can order a drink or a burger and relax. It's like an eat-in system, so each individual can order and receive their own food before being seated.

Of course, bikes can be parked in front of the restaurant, so everyone can ride their bikes and talk while looking at the bikes lined up in a row.



We spent about two hours talking with our friends, sharing what we've been up to, and wishing for a reunion. The spring weather is getting stronger and stronger every day. I hope the time comes soon when we can all get together as backing to normal.

Jackcafe Website is below.

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