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Roller Magazine Tomoya Nagase

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As the title says, I bought the just-released issue 38 of Roller Magazine at the bookstore. As the title says, the main article is about Harleys and choppers by Tomoya Nagase of TOKIO, and it was quite interesting to read about how he got the column, his love for vintage Harley-Davidson, his writings, his photos, and the many bikes he rides.

I'm the type of person who picks and buys the issues of Harley magazines that I like, but Roller is my vest favorite.

What I personally like about it is that it's very photo-centric, or rather, it's very good at showing, or rather, captivating. People who have seen and felt a lot more than text can get a lot of information just by looking at the pictures. There is no need for comments to accompany the photos, which are like poems in an erotic magazine

Also, they are connected to the world.

I've heard from a lot of my friends about this person who meticulously picks up local rallies in the US and writes about them. It's wonderful to be able to feel people who love old Harley-Davison in Japan, America, and other regions at the same time.

I think this is similar to what Instagram does. I also think it's great that the articles are written in both English and Japanese, and that when you access the Roller website, you can read the website in English as well.

I think magazines will probably survive only if they want to be kept in paper form, and to some extent they will dissolve into Kindle subscriptions and the like. But even if that time is in the north, I think there are more opportunities for reading material that supports both Japanese and English than any other media.

So, I recommend it, or rather, I like it a lot.
Although we are in the midst of a recession, I look forward to their continued success as they may become Japan's first global media outlet in motorcycle media.

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